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Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Cairo shipping co with her fleet of different air cargo planes and logistics providers enable you to enhance your reach, buying power, and product quality through our network. Our members and partners enable us to coordinate with local and global freight forwarders end-to-end airfreight solutions with highest level of professionalism and out standing customer service.

Flexible Services

Can providing a wide range of variety shipments

Customized Invoicing

Create and send custom invoices to control of costs

Quality and controls

Adequate protection when goods using sea transport.

Going Beyond the Usual

Cairo Shipping offers tailor-made logistics services and solutions for general cargo requirements in most of the countries where we offer domestic transport services. With 45 locations in more than 66 countries worldwide, we have maintained the status of a global market leader since we opened our doors for business, over 48 years ago.Cairo Shipping provides a hands-on approach whilst still benefiting from the financial solidity and professional support of a worldwide company that stretches across 5 continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa.

Industries served

Services offered

“Our worth added administrations guarantee the progression of products proceeds consistently and supply chains stay lean and streamlined for progress..” - CSC.

Technology from Start to Finish

Cairo Shipping benefits from an innovative IT solution to connect all operations in real time and proactively manage freight flow. Cairo Shipping is the answer to complex challenges

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